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Defining the perfect day

The perfect day
The perfect day

Everyone wants the perfect day, week, month and life. Why should we want anything less? But it is amazing how life experiences dictate what a perfect day includes. Many who have been through terrible tragedy feel that if the house is standing, there is food on the table and the sun is shining, it is a flawless day, while others want much, much more. The perfect day can result in a thousand opinions from a thousand different people but, for the most part, less emotional stress and freedom from financial concerns is a part of the equation when defining a perfect day. The following are just a few ideas on how every day can be the best!

The lottery finally pays a sizeable amount and the rest below is inconsequential.
Your mother-in-law moves to another country.
Your troubled children move with her.
If your spouse is bothering you, guess where they can go?
Your boss gives you a paid day off for good behavior.
Your teacher gives you an A for good behavior without having to turn in assignments.
Your student loans are forgiven for good behavior.
Your cleaning service decides to show up and offer free service: So does your plumber, your heating and air technician, your car mechanic and the garbage collector.
Bills become a thing of the past.
If single, your knight in shining armor or goddess of wisdom and beauty is no longer imaginary and takes you away from all this.
You never leave bed.
Did someone say vacation home in Hawaii?
IRS forgives all your future taxes.
You go fill up your tank with gas and it costs you less than $150.
The laundry folded itself while the yard was mowing itself.
No one cuts you off, fails to signal, drives slow, or gives you the bird while driving.

All kidding aside, one individual defines the perfect day as a time when he can diligently work to learn, grow and inspire. To him, this means he can mentor others to eventually achieve their goals while his guidance brings results of a better tomorrow. The perfect day is attainable for all, even politicians, when our hearts are in the right place which includes giving personal attention to the success of others.

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