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Defining Sales Enablement

Create Custom Presentations - Sales Enablement
Create Custom Presentations - Sales Enablement
Luis Balaguar

By: Tara Anderson

Sales enablement is the act of equipping the sales rep with the right information, which could enhance sales objectives with a key to revenue generation and mobilization of the asset. This is also defined as the process in which the sales rep approaches for particular information and delivers them in a more charismatic manner with an aim to improving the revenue potential. Sales Enablement can also be considered as an entire process of revenue generation, and additive sales initiative that a person takes to put the product and information into the client’s space for consideration. The objective is to improve revenue generation with more emphasis on multiple product positioning.

The Triad
The sales triad comprises of the buyer, the product/service, and the sales person. During a sales conversation, the salesperson could manage the theme of the talk after a couple of minutes with the right information at the disposal. Most sales happen by educating the client about the product and its information needs for the client to get a better idea of the product. When the sales rep utilizes the appropriate information, in congruency with the talks that are being ensued, the sales conversion rates would be quite higher and the chances of closing sales are much better.

Methods and Approaches
Various methods and approaches are utilized by different sales reps from different niche, and the key method is to analyze the requirement put forth by the client and to tailor-make the kind of product and solution for that particular requirement. Typically, this is being done by a technical consultant of a pre-sales guy, who does the talking on the technical front and then the sales rep continues with his piece of bargain. The pre-sales guy simply explains the technical requirements and tries to position the product within the space and constraint of the client. This mostly happens in the services and technical environment such as computer networking, heavy machinery, medical equipment, where the niche is quite technical.

Mobile Technologies Used
Various mobile technologies and custom made presentations can be used by the sales rep, which range from iPad, iPhone, lap tops, or even projectors for explaining the product to the customer. Different types of product outlooks and presentations are created by professionals in the niche to help customers get much better information. The mobile technologies utilized by the sales rep helps him to get the right information within the stipulated time and then deliver it to the client making him feel the information and authenticity. Having a sales rep with an approach to adequate revenue generation is worthwhile and providing him with gadgetry would pay in the long run.

The Informed Customer and the Closure
As the customer base grows and becomes informative, it is very important for an organization to have a Sales Enablement Platform implemented to gain customer growth and revenue.

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