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Defining Individualism Through Fatherhood and Business

Evan Reeves
Evan Reeves
Evan Reeves

Evan Reeves is a stay-at-home dad with remarkable energy, who manages to find time to own a music business and tend to it diligently while his son is in school. Reeves graduated from Allegheny College in North Western, Pennsylvania, which he quips is located in “the snow belt ... where the sun never shined.” Reeves majored in behavioral psychology and minored in Spanish. He wryly admits, “Most of my time was spent dissecting music, reading American literature and playing guitar. Fortunately, an academic summer-abroad trip to Spain before my senior year earned me enough credits to graduate.”

Reeves manages, engineers and produces at a boutique music studio in Boulder called, W.A.R.? Studio. He explains, “It’s part of the What Are Records?/United Interests facility. [United Interests is the ‘umbrella organization’], you could say. What makes this studio unique is its ability to take artists to the next level by encouraging their commitment to the business of music. Also, setting us apart are the other services we offer: music industry consulting, live sound reinforcement, and pro audio technical support.”

When asked who his musical influences have been, Reeves responds without a trace of doubt in his voice, “I’ve always been fascinated by the music of The Beatles—since I was in elementary school. I am especially intrigued by the production of George Martin. Being marginally obsessive, if that’s possible, I sought ways to be involved with music after college.”

Surprisingly, the individualistic Reeves had a “fling” with the financial industry, which he doesn’t expound on, but says, sardonically, “A brief hang up in the financial industry caught me off guard, largely due to the good money, but I broke free. A relationship with a motivated, patient, and career-oriented girlfriend (now my wife) and an internship at the legendary Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, set the stage for future musical productions. For a few years, I interspersed musical endeavors with substitute teaching gigs. Now, I balance work with family life. A commitment to the latter is the most important thing in my life.”

Reeves’ relaxed attitude belies his clearly driven nature to explore as many musical avenues as possible. His experiences are diverse and broad, his interests in a variety of instruments keeps his musical ear sharp and alert to new sounds and trends. He says, “I have been involved with music as a player and on the technical side since 1995. I started playing guitar in 1990, and haven’t put it down since that time. I now also play mandolin, mandola, tenor banjo, bass, ukulele and drum kit. I’ve played in the states and Europe and have recorded and been a featured player on hundreds of projects.”

Reeves is pragmatic when it comes to analyzing the advantages and the disadvantages of owning your own business: “They are one-in-the same,” he comments with imperturbable coolness, “It’s all on you.” Then he adds, “I think my background in psychology has helped immensely with interacting and communicating as a producer to artists. Although that experience pales in comparison to the advantages I’ve gained through teaching children in preschools and elementary schools. In working with kids, I learned incredible patience and empathy toward fierce individualists. As a sound engineer, I think being a musician helps. I’m not too ‘techy’ and can clearly communicate the nature of recorded sound to the artists on the other side of the glass.”

What motivates Reeves? “I have no idea,” he says honestly. “I suppose the urge to create. I feel pretty tapped into the great faucet in the sky.”

For more information about W.A.R.? Studios, visit, call 303 929 1679, or email