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Defining fitness goals

Get Healthier
Get Healthier
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When setting fitness goals, the most important thing to do is keep them realistic! Whether you want to lose weight or tone up, keeping goals within reach is the only way to achieve success.

Everyone has experienced trying a new diet or exercise plan only to give up within a few days because it seems impossible to keep up. That’s why making small changes over the long term is better than going cold turkey all at once.

Here are a few ways you can keep your fitness goals realistic, as well as attainable:

* For losing weight- Try burning 500 calories extra each day to lose 1 pound a week. Don’t waste time with spot training - your body doesn’t choose a specific location to drop fat.

* Increase muscle mass- Lift weights every other day to build up mass, and keep up with protein shakes in order to maintain adequate amounts of protein.

* Get healthier- Drink more water, take walks throughout the day, and incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet.

Define your fitness goals based on results you would like to see. Start out slowly by making daily or weekly goals and then build up to monthly goals.

We’ve all tried to overdo it the first day of a training regimen, only to be sore and un-motivated on Day Two. The best way to keep up with a fitness or diet regimen is to do a certain amount of exercise each day so that you don’t get burned out.


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