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Defining Blue Jeans so you know How To Buy for your Best Fit.

When buying Jeans there are a few things you should know before you go shopping for that perfect fit to match your style. With jeans coming such a large variety of styles it can be a bit overwhelming. Just because you like the jeans on the rack doesn’t mean you’ll like the way they make you look when wearing them.

Five pocket Jean
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There are some important tips to know when buying jeans off the rack that will help you in determining what you are really looking for. In a pair of blue jeans.

1. Know Your Measurements

Men and woman should know your Inseam Measurement this is the measurement from the crotch to the leg opening. This will make the jeans fit more comfortable especially if you’re a trendy guy who wears the skinny jean style. Because even though designers of men’s skinny jeans have allowed breathing room you want to make sure that you buy what fits you.

Men and woman should know your Rise measurement too this is the measurement from the Crotch to the waistband. This is important in doing the high or low rise cut perfectly. Also for men can give them a bit more comfortable fit you want to be able to sit in the jeans you buy.

2. Know Your Fabrics

Rigid Jeans are 100% Cotton non-stretch Denim. Cargo or utility jeans are made rigid be cause the fabric is more durable than stretchy fabrics.

Stretch Jeans Have some give to them usually a mix of cotton another more giving fabric. Great for skinny and low rise jeans because of the extra give in them.

3. Pay attention to the details

The Five Pocket Jean  is the most widely used pocket configuration with the fifth pocket being the small coin pocket. The thing to keep in mind with pockets is that back pocket placement is key to defining any rear view. Larger pocket or embellishments will add to the view. Where as smaller understated pocket will not bring as much attention to that area. Another thing to think about where

pocket are concerned is the shape. Darted pockets will add lift where as a flapped pocket will add perkiness. Just think of the apple bottom shaped pockets they add curve to the rear for anyone because of the shape of the pockets and placement of them on the rear.


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