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Defiant Obama ignores deniers, links climate change to California wildfires

The Obama administration warned Tuesday that Americans living in apprehension of increasingly destructive, rapidly spreading wildfires have had their worlds turned upside down by climate change, reported Buzzfeed. The White was suggesting that wildfires are a consequence of the Republican Party's climate change denialism. The statements represent a fresh attempt by the White House to push conversation about environmental change towards recognition of the phenomenon as an ongoing national security threat as opposed future risk.

It's a rhetorical technique top White House authorities said a week ago is already changing some conservative minds on the environmental impact of the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, none of the those minds are attached to those conservatives who cast votes on laws to be enacted by Congress.

The most recent incidence of the emphasis-shift from future to present regarding climate change concentrates on this year's fierce fire season. On Tuesday, the White House arranged to dispatch an advanced fight that ties the rise in wildfires with straightforward directness to climate change. Obama is urging Americans to pressure Congress into making official moves to stave off fire disasters and recognize climate change.

Top Presidential adviser John Podesta penned an email for the White House press junket planned for Tuesday morning that ties the continuous wildfire crisis in California to patterns of climate change.

"In the western United States, changes in our climate are fueling wildfire seasons that are longer and more intense, putting people, communities, and businesses at risk," muses Podesta's email. "As we're seeing right now, wildfires unquestionably have devastating impacts on the lives of many Americans." Podesta has turned to the President's Science Adviser, Dr. John Holdren, to make the case for climate change's link to wildfires by releasing a explanatory video.

Holden has turned into the major player in the White House's shiny new environmental endeavors, for example starring in a White House video that slammed climate change deniers' dispute of the scientific consensus that the Polar Vortex did not invalidate climate change. Holdren was likewise the face of Obama's Climate Assessment month earlier this year, which discovered continuous climate change negatively impacts the nation daily.

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