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'Defiance' on SyFy season one finale: Was this show renewed or canceled?

Julie Benz
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tonight is the end of "Defiance" on SyFy season two and fans are curious how it will all end. On Thursday, TV Line shared a few spoilers about this finale and also if this show is coming back again or not. Tonight is a big double episode finale and not just one episode.

Tonight Nolan will do what he can to save the life of Tommy and also stop Irisa. It is unknown if he will be able to pull it off though. In the second episode Nolan will then have to try and save Irisa from whatever is possessing her. Linda Hamilton will also guest star on tonight's final episode of season two. She will make a nice addition to the cast.

So far this show has not been renewed or canceled either one. Viewers are going to have to wait on SyFy to make up their mind. They have not made a decision on a second season of "Dominion" yet either. Hopefully that one happens soon too. Some networks make decisions on all of their shows at the same time. It is unknown exactly how long it might take.

Polygon shared that even if the show goes away the game will not come to an end. It does appear that a third season will probably happen but even if it doesn't then the show won't be ending. The game has its own following and did really well while the show was on hiatus. That means fans will still get the game "Defiance" even if they have to end up canceling the show.

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