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Defiance Goes Free to Play

Defiance Goes Free-To-Play
Defiance Goes Free-To-Play
Trion Worlds, Inc.

Beginning June 4, Defiance will be free-to-play on the PC just as Season 2 begins to air on the television and in game.

If you're surprised by the announcement that the non-subscription game Defiance is going free-to-play, you're probably not alone. As part of Trion Worlds' re-branding of their platforms as F2P has brought a universal system to their games just as other publishers like PWE have.

Changes to Defiance make the game more in alignment with the other Trion games such as Rift and will have Patron Pass options available that allow a player to have the benefits that a subscriber, or in this case a purchaser would normally have.

As a Patron you'll have increased storage, character slots, loadouts, and Arkforge. Arkforge is a recently added currency in game.

To view additional information about this and other Defiance updates visit the official website.