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Defensive omnivore? Bingo!



  • Ivy 5 years ago

    Great article, Keith! Wish I had been there!

  • Shari Wosk 5 years ago


  • Elena 5 years ago

    Right on Keith! Being Jewish myself don't find any hypocrisy in your t-shirt, only Truth. The Truth is that billions of animals are being slaughtered each year UNNECESSARILY, only to satisfy our (human)perverse appetite for meat (which, in itself was probably put upon us by the big Madison Ave advertisement companies). And as you pointed out, the truth hurts, and most people would rather turn it around, put words in your mouth and start philosophizing on how wrong your T-shirt is. In reality, they are the hypocrites, not you. You made the most compassionate choice to harm no life, be it human or animal. Most people still engage in speciesm and cannot equate the validity and sentience of one life to another. As tragic as it was, Auschwitz happened so that humans would learn on their mistakes and never repeat them again. And thankfully for human race, nothing like that has happened again. But for animals Auschwitz is still happening every single day!

  • Moderation Team 5 years ago

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