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Defensive coordinator Jason Tarver signs new contract with Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders signed defensive coordinator Jason Tarver with a new contract. Tarver was part of the Dennis Allen package and had joined the Raiders in 2012.

As reported on Fox Sports News on Tuesday, Tarver signed a new contract with the Silver and Black. No details on the contract between the Raiders and Tarver was reported.

Tarver has now been with the Raiders for two season and came up with the same record for both years, 4-12. However, many say that the Raiders looked better defensively in 2013 than they did in 2012.

It seems that the Raiders are sticking with their coaches and trying to be patient with their new scheme that started this season. For 2012, Coach Allen and his crew were still fixing up what Al Davis left behind.

Defensive coordinator Jason Tarver had it a lot harder this year. He had new guys on board and some rookies that were starting as well.

The season started out really well, but, like the old Raiders, things plummeted downward. Still, the squad or roster that Tarver had was not considered as nearly good as what he had in 2012. So go figure out how well he did!

In the end, he was a true Raiders. Jason Tarver showed his real passion when he reacted to a bad call on the field on the week against the Pittsburgh Steelers and gave the ref crew the finger while dropping the F bomb.

Many Raiders’ fans felt the appreciation of that gesture, especially when it was against one of the many bad calls made this season in the NFL.

In the end, Jason Tarver is here to stay and the Raider Nation will have to support the Oakland Raiders’ decision to keep him.

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