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Defense budget and transparent shenanigans

No to BRACs, no to scrapping U2s, no to retiring Warthogs
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

In the House of Representatives the Republicans are in charge and they do not want to retire the aging U2 spy planes and the worn out Warthogs. They don’t want to close unnecessary bases either. They want to continue to spend and waste American taxpayers money on defense, while complaining about Social Security and Medicare. Read The Hill’s report.

“For instance, the bill rejected the Pentagon’s plans to slow the growth of military pay and benefits; retire an aircraft carrier and the U-2 spy plane fleet; and launch another round of base closures.

Instead, it calls for other cuts, including about $1.4 billion in the Pentagon’s training, repairs and operations and maintenance budgets.”

“Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, attacked the 2015 defense bill released by Republicans on Monday as avoiding “difficult choices.”
“This year, we had two options: we could have stepped up and made the difficult choices in regard to retiring aging weapons systems and platforms, authorized a [base closure round], or made changes to military compensation and benefits or ended sequestration. We decided to do neither,” Smith said in a statement.”

There was a great opportunity to collaborate and reach consensus to reduce the defense budget, but the GOP initiated a bill to block it. Why? Because the GOP marches to the tune of the Military Industrial Complex that is contrary to attending social and environmental needs.

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