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Defending The Christian Family Model: The Moral Gardian of Society

For better or for worse
For better or for worse
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Ephesians 5:31-33.
For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: But I speak concerning Christ and the church. Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

The Christian Family Model
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It has been said, perhaps not often enough, that as the family goes, so goes the church, in turn, society as a whole. The proverb speaks to the idea that the morality of the family, good or bad, affects the church, which in turn, has an affect on society. In America today, the traditional Christian family model is under attack by a large number of Atheistic movements that wish to remove God from society. They understand that the morality of our culture is set in place by the morality of the family. To Change the face of society, you must first change the face of family. I am convinced that the family is the foundation of society. If the family crumbles, so will society as a whole.

Today, there is an organized effort to vilify the Christian Family model. Gay marriage advocates and feminists groups are working overtime to devalue the importance of the traditional family model. According to the Washington Post, 50% of Americans now believe that Gay Marriage is constitutional. This number is up from only 29% in 2006. Now we know that public opinion is a fickle creature. People often believe a thing simply because it is popular to do so. Like a snow ball that gets bigger as it rolls, gay marriage is gaining support. That being said, the reality is that there are those who subscribe to this ideal ignorantly. They innocently believe the humanistic lies of mainstream academia. They are unaware that their beliefs are undermining the stability of society. In truth, they subscribe to humanistic beliefs at their own peril. Christians must speak the truth to those who are willing listen; to point them back to the Christian family Model. In so doing,we are actually pointing them to Christ, the true head of every Christian home.

In light of this, It is of supreme importance to remind folks that the family was the first institution that God established. It was set in place the very moment Eve was created and was the first form of Government that Humanity ever knew. It is, and was, the very foundation of every society on earth. It survived through the ages and became the blueprint for the Christian church. Why? Because the family, as God established it, teaches humanity, God’s Government. The Christian family and the Christian Church are pictures of God’s kingdom on earth.

Consider the following:

The Traditional Family Model

• Just as Christ is the head of the church, the husband is the head of the family.

• Because the church loves her husband (Jesus Christ) she willingly and voluntarily yields her will to Him, so it is with the Christian wife to her husband. This yielding is not demanded nor required, it is her gift to her husband because she loves him.

• In turn the husband loves his wife and gives himself for her until death. Just as Christ did when he gave his life on the cross for the church.

• Just as the church, through Christ, look to God to supply all its needs. The wife looks to her husband to be the provider. The husband, in turn, looks to God to provide him with everything he needs to provide for his family

• Just as there is only one God, and only one way by which we can be saved. Just as God’s covenant to us is unbreakable and eternal. We teach that marriage is a life long covenant and that we should only have one Husband and one Wife. We hate divorce and we are not polygamists.

• Just as the church’s identity is in found in Christ. We teach that the two, husband and
wife, are one flesh, The Christian wife lays aside her maiden name and assumes her husbands last name. Not only does this illustrate the “one flesh” in the marriage union it also represents the new life and identity we have in Christ.

• Just as Christ and his bride are both submitted to the will of God, the Christian husband and his wife are both submitted as one to God through Christ. They make his wishes their wishes.

Like the Christian Church, God uses the Christian Family, in any given society, as a visible and tangible representation of his Kingdom. It is a microcosm of the Bride of Christ. In it, He teaches us authority, submission, love, responsibility, mercy, compassion, repentance, forgiveness… Every character quality ever known, good and bad, can be seen exampled and repaired, if need be, within the family. That is, the family as God established it. The Christian family is our training ground to serve each other, but more importantly, it teaches us how to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Is it any wonder that those who wish to erase God from our society would want to “redefine” the family? This is because both the Christian Church and the traditional Christian Family are the moral guardians of a Christian society, they remind the world of God.

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