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Defending Louis Lerner

Louis "sometimes stuff happens" Lerner
Louis "sometimes stuff happens" Lerner
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Pity Louis Lerner who has left public service poorer than Hillary Clinton and forced to subsist on a Pension of 100K a year. First it was revealed that IRS targeting did not involve just a few “rouge” agents under her direction but endemic through the IRS. Now those nasty investigators want to find out who ordered the IRS to hamstring opponents to Barrack Obama during an election year. Poor Louis, retirement is supposed to be the time of relaxing rather than navigating the rough political seas of corruption she spent her career nurturing.

So how do you defend against this breach in the wall of transparency around the Obama administration? The first defensive maneuver is to require former employees and future retirees within the IRS to perform the hide it on a Friday document dump explaining regrettably any e-mails from outside the IRS that contained incriminating evidence have been lost. Make sure not to highlight the loss but the expense of retrieving e-mails. Even though the cost, at six to eight million dollars is considerably less than one Obama vacation (Vacation costs). Then only on page ten do you reveal that in the interest of saving taxpayer money the backup tapes of e-mails were recycled every six months. (Doc dump)

The public surely will not really believe this but our allies in the media (CBS,NBC, etc..)can use the three monkeys’ defense. Hear no evil, see no evil, report no evil. When it is reported by real news programs enlist our army of bloggers and commenter’s to use a variation of the “Bushes fault” defense. Remind readers Bush was sued for not revealing a claimed 2 million e-mails. Use caution when deploying this defense. This blame Bush message is only for low information voters and our base. The suit was settled and the e-mails recovered and at the time our dear leader’s administration promised “ Once the Obama administration figured out what a mess had been left behind in the server room, and that they didn't want to be protecting the last administration's bad practices, that helped them get to where they are now”. This was expanded to “ "We are very confident that the Obama administration has set up their own system in a way that captures every email that comes and goes, and that has controls in place that alert them if something goes wrong." (Bush E-mails)

So this column goes out to you loyal OFA supporters. We need all to man the ramparts against the same enemies that Ms. Lerner spent her entire career with honor and distinction fighting. Because when the king falls so does his court. We have so much more work to do like flooding the country with illegal’s, stroke the fires in the Middle East, complete the destruction of Coal, and keeping oil high enough to discourage individual freedom. So keep those excuses and lies handy because sooner rather than later those nasty investigators will realize Louis wasn’t the only one to receive outside direction. By the time we are done it might seem like every hard drive in possession of the IRS crashed.

Congressional letter detailing abuse (Here)