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Defending Alec Baldwin, a rare libertarian experience

The mercurial-mouthed actor Alec Baldwin was arrested recently for something that only libertarians would defend him for.

Hotheaded liberal actor Alec Baldwin hates being photographed in public as much as the cops do, so they have something in common after all.

Cops handcuffed and took him into custody for committing the clearly victimless crimes of bicycling in the wrong direction on a New York City street and for failing to have identification on his person.

In a free society – which Baldwin apparently doesn't believe in as evidenced by his outspoken loudmouthing for government-imposed Obamacare and his heavy-handed denial of photog's right to film him in public – nobody would be handcuffed or arrested for improper peddling unless the cyclist was physically coercing or intimidating or clearly placing the lives and limbs of innocent people in imminent danger. The media reports report no such claims.

The failure to always and everywhere carry personal identification while in public is strictly a Police State rule, abhorrent to the people of a free society that Baldwin doesn't support.

This is why, once he was released, libertarians could only agree with his Tweet-Rant of “New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

It's not only odd but vanishingly rare that Alec Baldwin can actually say or do anything agreeable to libertarians.

Baldwin is a typical practitioner of the nonsensical mix tape of positions taken by ideologues left and right who have no "rationality compass" like libertarians, who, when they're consistent, base all of their positions on the Zero Aggression Principle.

For example, Baldwin is on record as supporting both gay marriage and stricter gun control measures, meaning logically that he believes gay people should have a right to marry one another but shouldn't have a right to defend one another when threatened with physical gay-bashing.

During Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign Baldwin called Republicans "lying thieves," thereby admitting his immense blind spot for Democrat "lying thieves," and claimed that if "Obama was white, he’d be up by 17 points," thereby joining last century's now-laughable race-baiters who turn everything into racism because without that "rationality compass" they can't discuss political, social, cultural or philosophical issues intelligently.

Baldwin is also "a strong advocate for animal rights" but apparently not for photographer's rights. He repeatedly bleats obscenities at the paparazzi for photographing him, thereby agreeing with many Police State members who repeatedly bleat obscenities and abuse photographers for photographing them.

Maybe Baldwin will threaten to move to France if any libertarian ever threatens to defend him again.

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