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Defend Helms Deep from the evil enemies

The Siege at Helms Deep Images
The Siege at Helms Deep Images
Paul Iuzzolino

Another great game on the Lego Lord of the Rings website is The Siege of Helms Deep. This game follows the events from The Lord of Rings: The Two Towers in which Saruman's Uruk-hai have driven King Theoden and his people from their homeland of Rohan. Now King Theoden and his people must flee to Helms Deep with the evil Uruk-hai hot on their trail. The Uruk-hai are trying to penetrate the great wall of Helms Deep, and so it's up to Legolas's archery, Aragorn's swordsmanship, and Gimli's powerful axe to fend off this threat and secure the great wall of Helms Deep.


At the start of the game, you are brought to a map of Helms Deep. Only three areas are available to play; the rest of the areas become available after you beat the other levels. The first area is on top of the wall. You play as Legolas, and you have to use his arrows to stop the Uruk-hai from reaching the wall. Legolas's speed is just like in the movie, so taking out the Uruk-hai is flawless. Some of the Uruk-hai make it past Legolas's arrows, and now it's up to Aragorn to kill them. This is also fairly easy; you just move between the left and right side of the screen and kill the Uruk-hai. The next stage utilizes Gimli's axe; as the Uruk-hai begin to climb up the ladders, you have to knock them off the ladders. The Uruk-hai have managed to penetrate the wall, and are now spilling onto the grounds. Legolas has to be really quick here to kill the Uruk-hai. This level is a little difficult, and it requires precise timing to complete it.
The Uruk-hai are now trying to break down the front entrance to Helms Deep. King Theoden sends Aragorn and Gimli to hold them back. Aragorn does basically the same thing he did when the Uruk-hai made it onto the wall. You move from the left and right side of the screen killing the Uruk-hai. If you press a growing circle on the top of the screen, Gimli will come in and perform a devastating axe attack, killing all the Uruk-hai around you. The Uruk-hai try to get onto the east side of the wall, and it's up to Gimli to knock them from the ladders. They come up at a faster pace here, so move quickly to kill them all. The next level involves Aragorn trying to block the entrance to the great hall. The gameplay is also the same here with Aragorn. The second to last stage makes use of Gimli as the Uruk-hai attempt to use ladders to get into the great hall. Legolas gives you a hand in this level; when you press the growing circle, Legolas will race across the screen and take out all attacking Uruk-hai. In the final level, Legolas makes a final stand against the Uruk-hai. In this final level, the bigger enemies makes an appearance, so be sure to make use of the glowing circle to help you defeat your enemies. The gameplay is a nice representation of the movie and the Lego style, and it follows the movie in a fluent motion.

Game Mechanics:
Legolas shoots his arrows with blinding speed, allowing you to take out enemies with ease. Aragorn moves swiftly and strikes with precision, killing enemies in a flash. Gimli's attack works beautifully when you are playing as Aragorn and can't defeat all the enemies at once. The Uruk-hai move really fast too, and if you are not quick enough, they will get past you.

The controls work in perfect sync with each character. When you left click, Legolas will instantly shoot his arrows. When you press the spacebar button, Aragorn immediately swings his sword. When playing as Gimli, you press the spacebar button, and he will instantly perform his axe pound attack. Also, when you press the growing circle on each level, your extra character instantaneously comes across the screen to assist you.

The graphics truly match the Lego style, from the wall of Helms Deep to the Uruk-hai themselves. The flag of the Uruk-hai look just like the Lego flags you receive in the playsets. In Gimli's first stage, the wall looks different. The wall looks like it was drawn out; the detail is quite impressive though, especially with the ladders. The rain drops look very realistic when Aragorn is outside of the front entrance. When Aragorn is defending the entrance to the great hall, you can see a nice background of the wall of Helms Deep. This game has great graphics for a flash game; I especially like the look of the Uruk-hai and the big enemies.

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