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Defeat of the Majority Leader is a lesson for all

It's the end of the road for Rep. Eric Cantor
It's the end of the road for Rep. Eric Cantor
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Losing touch with what's really important is different for different people. When wandering into the realm of politics, this can turn into a devastating defeat. An incredibly high ranking member of congress lost his seat to a relatively unknown and underfunded challenger because of a myriad of reasons but also forgetting about the constituents that he was supposed to represent. The aftermath of his defeat has been and is being felt not only throughout his district but in Washington D.C. also.

The after game tick-tocking is quite entertaining to watch especially when you break it out by left, center and right. They all have their version of what they believe happened and it appears as though a slow consensus is beginning to develop. He didn't take his opponent or his district seriously, he neglected that same district and he tried to have it both ways. One, by supporting legislation for a pathway to citizenship and secondly, sending out mailers that strongly oppose immigration reform. He must have thought that his electorate was so ignorant that they would be unable to put 1+1 together and realize that he was nothing more than a two faced politician that gives all politicians a bad name.

No matter what your party affiliation is, running a campaign with this level of arrogance leads to the result that he received. Well done, Virginia. Well done!