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Deer UFO: What is lighting up this deer in the night sky?

A deer UFO photo is going viral after a couple in Mississippi captured something quite strange. On April 6, The Inquisitr reported that Rainer and Edith Shattles posted a photo of a deer on their 150 acres of land -- and a deer isn't a rare occurrence -- it's what was with the deer that has people talking.

The photo was taken by an automated hunting camera. Many are wondering just what lit up the night sky, showing the deer "caught in headlights" when there weren't any cars around (and certainly none floating in the sky).

The deer UFO photo is being passed around online with tons of people wondering just what those lights could be. While The Shattles aren't saying the lights are from an "alien" object, they say it has to be a UFO (even if it's a drone) because there isn't any other possible explanation (via The Christian Science Monitor). The way that the lights are situated, just lighting up the deer in the night sky -- it's just plain weird.

Every year there are tons of people who think they have spotted a UFO -- some have photographic evidence and some don't. Each time a new potential UFO photo is released, people discuss -- and this time it's no different... so what do you think of the photo?

Is that a UFO lighting up the deer?

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