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Deer UFO in Missippi reignites extraterrestrial theories

Deer UFO sightings in Mississippi have created a new “hot spot” for persons who believe in extraterrestrial events and who are captivated with each terrestrial theory that comes along. Last week, sightings of deer UFO captivated the world of the extraterrestrial believers, according to an Inquisitr report on Sunday.

Deer UFO in Mississippi

In the past week, a hunting camera captured deer gathered together with eerie lights. The camera shot has become one of the hugest debates ever, regarding UFOs and the extraterrestrial.

The camera shot – which was shot by an automated hunting camera – appears to reveal a dim light initiating while deer are shown. Though the camera uses an infrared camera and does not need any lights to operate or to make its recordings, the deer in the photo appear to light up brightly by a spotlight.

While this latest even adds to the United States; status as a ‘hot spot’ for the extraterrestrial fanatics, Canada – with its large amounts of open spaces, so to speak – is still tops in the field.

The debate over whether UFOs exist - or whether they are only make-believe – continues.

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