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Deer UFO encounter: Deer caught in alien headlights mesmerizes UFO enthusiasts

Did this deer get a visit from a UFO in Mississippi?
Did this deer get a visit from a UFO in Mississippi?

A deer is visited by a UFO and it is all caught on an automatic hunting camera. With no one around this hunting camera, which takes infrared photos, an image of a deer is captured looking at two very bright lights coming from the sky, according to The Inquisitr on April 5.

The lights look as if they could be headlights, but the camera was situated on a tree way off the beaten path where there are no roads. The camera belongs to Rainer and Edith Shattles who try and capture pictures of wild life on the automatic hunting camera that they attached to a tree near Cumbest Bluff in Jackson County deep in the Mississippi woods.

Looking at the picture it almost looks like a snowmobile or ATV, but the folks who placed the camera in the woods say it isn’t a vehicle of any sort that illuminated the deer in the picture. The Shattles are at a loss as to what visited the deer in the woods and what was picked up by their camera.

They thought that they might capture a picture of a deer or a buck to show their grandchildren when embarking on setting a camera out. They got the deer and a little something extra, but what that may be is up for debate.

So what did the Shattles capture with their hunting camera? For one thing they got a great silhouette of a deer’s head, but where those lights came from is anyone’s guess. The couple checked the area for any signs of tire tracks after they saw the pictures and none were discovered.

UFO sightings number into the thousands each year with many explained by natural occurrences, but many remain unexplained. Some of the UFO’s have been reported by airline pilots and law enforcement officers, people who would not claim seeing a UFO as a hoax or prank.

Only the deer in the picture could explain in detail what he saw, but he’s not talking, so for now the picture speaks for itself and it is up to you to decipher what you think you see!

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