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Deer cull plan for Rock Creek Park updated

The National Park Service (NPS) has issued further details on planned road closures in Rock Creek Park in the District of Columbia this winter.

On Friday, Jan. 3, NPS provided additional time information for its plan to cull the deer herd in the park with sharpshooters during evenings between now and March 31. NPS announced earlier this week that it would be doing a managed deer kill over the winter in the Washington, DC park. For details, see the stories linked to below and

In the update, NPS said it may close some roads as early as 6:30 pm on some days. Previously, it said it would not close roads before 9:30 pm.

But NPS stated that the earlier closings “would take place on interior park roads and should not substantially affect commuter traffic.” Affected roads for earlier closings may include Ross Drive, Ridge Road south of Grant Road, Glover Road south of the Rock Creek Park Horse Center, and Horse Stable Road, which is not available to the public anyway.

People aren't supposed to use the park anyway after dark, except for sanctioned activities and use of the roadways.

NPS says that when roads are closed, alternate routes will be available.

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