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Deeply saddened after cheating?


The recent coverage on John Edwards' affair amazes me. He has said that he is deeply saddened and still loves his wife Elizabeth. I can only wonder how he can say this after his actions. I try not to judge, but it is hard not to in this situation.

I will agree that it might be true that you can cheat on someone you love. We are human and accidents happen. Do I condone this? Absolutely not. I don't even know if I could forgive an action of cheating, but I'm not going to say that people don't slip up every now and then. However, repeatedly cheating? Well, that's another story. I believe it is hard to have an outright affair with someone if you actually love your significant other.

This must mean there's something missing from the relationship. For all of you people out there that will argue it's purely sexual, fine. However, how do you lie to someone you love repeatedly? Especially in the case of John Edwards who fathered a child with his mistress. Not only did he father a child, but he denied this child for 2 years. To top it all off , his wife has been battling cancer. I think that he seriously thought he could continue this behavior and that she would never leave.

The point of this article isn't to condemn his choices or mistakes, but to recognize the strength of Elizabeth Edwards for finally finding the courage to stand up and leave. I don't believe in divorce by any means, as I grew up in a divorced family. However, there has to be a point when enough is enough and you realize that one person can't make a marriage work. I imagine there might be a reader out there going through a similar situation. Take a lesson from this woman. Stand by your man and try to work it out before you throw in the towel, but when you simply can't take it anymore, walk away. You'll be a happier person in the long run.


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