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Deeper and deeper answers inside of the Eternal

The light of sunset over the ocean filtered by lingering clouds adds a general soft mood to the end of the day
The light of sunset over the ocean filtered by lingering clouds adds a general soft mood to the end of the day

A Kabbalist seeks answers that go beyond the surface of things. He or she seeks a deeper impression; one that illuminates as well as unifies meaning in myriad ways. This is why when studying Torah we look for the relationships that exist between letters and numbers and phrases in one place related to phrase in other places. There is a whole that we want to complete and then start over and complete once again on a higher level.

On the road again

It is in the going from one level to another that we may accentuate our focus and realize that no matter where we are in Torah it is all one thing. The various levels are called Sephiros and yet they are intertwined with yet another dimension of levels called worlds. It is in the intersection of these levels and worlds that the most sublime meanings are discovered.

Everything depends upon your focus the way you look at things. This applies to Torah and to everyday life. At a certain point you have to be willing to let go of the status quo and reach up for that higher awareness which will tie things together for you level by level and inter dimensionally between the various levels.

Once you begin thinking about Torah in a deeper fashion you renew your sense of unity, you bring about everything that is taking place in the beginning to irrigate the land, to prosper the entire world you are living in. The analogy for thoughts is that you keep finding new ways to describe the unity, to affirm it and to realize that you are always at the center of it.

You are therefore the epicenter of thought moving out from your own environs to encompass more territory. Now this territory that you are getting move in is known as “the Lord of hosts,” it is the environment of holiness. Connection takes place here by virtue of righteousness meaning ‘right thoughts’ aligned with the already existent primary unity of holiness, ‘continuous creation.’ Every time a Torah insight comes to you or you are taught via Shekhinta or one of your teachers you expand your field of discovery.

It is in this field of discovery that the unification that began at Sinai continues to take place. The reason why you begin with Torah is that it is designed as a starting point no matter where you are inside of its pages the relationships that you are bound to find are by definition unity with Qudsha Brikh Hu.

Your field of discovery is thereby similarly expanded when you have the consciousness of discovery and begin to see the connections as they occur. Now that is truly something miraculous indeed. B”H.

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