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Deepak Chopra discusses 'Timeless You': Mind over matter

Deepak Chopra, MD launched his innovative "Timeless You" program Jan. 31.
Deepak Chopra, MD launched his innovative "Timeless You" program Jan. 31.
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Mankind’s obsession with eternal youth has led them to drink the undrinkable, eat the inedible and inject things into their…well, just inject things. But alas, there’s a reason that Methusela’s 969 years is always numero uno of the “Top 10 List of Untouchable Records.” Hey, the guy was older than dirt.

Little did Ponce De Leon, Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of the seekers of immortality know that the Fountain of Youth actually lies between our ears. As it turns out, you really are as young as you feel.

The remarkably glorious supposition is at the heart of the partnership between Deepak Chopra, MD, and to create “Timeless You: The Biology of Youth & The Wisdom of Experience” a six-part online interactive program that launched Jan. 31.

Designed to teach “veteran lifers” how to use their minds to control the health and welfare of their bodies, the overall program encompasses six distinct interactive video courses: “Changing Perceptions,” “Youthful Mind,” “Healthy Relationships,” “The Mind-Body Connection,” “Mindful Eating” and “Joyful Exercise.” The courses are all research-based and backed by Chopra’s factual findings.

The program continues the efforts of the global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine to transform the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. Chopra chatted with me recently about the groundbreaking collaboration.

“We have the power to reverse our age,” said Chopra plainly. “For generations we’ve been taught that aging means decline – of the mind and body – but that does not have to be the case. You can stop your biological clock for a while and even reverse it. You can be 30 years younger than you’re supposed to be.”

The deafening sigh of relief you just heard was from millions upon millions of thankful “baby boomers” out there. Chopra’s message is a welcome one.

“The fastest growing demographic right now in the United States is people over the age of 90 and there’s a lot of fear about Alzheimer’s Disease and all the other disabilities that occur with increasing age.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way. Of the hundreds of genes that have Alzheimer’s, only three or so are fully predictable. The rest are influenced by lifestyle. That’s true of all diseases; type 2 diabetes, heart disease, chronic arthritis, bronchial asthma, anything that’s connected to inflammation.”

“So if we’re going to live longer, which we are doing anyway, we need to live in a way that is healthy and not a burden on society. Otherwise, the illness and disabilities will bankrupt the economy of the United States.”

“We believe – and that’s why I joined forced with – that not only can you live longer, but you can live a greater quality of life. Biological age does not have to match chronological age. Chronological age is what your birth certificate says and biological age is assessed by things like blood pressure, bone density, skin thickness and urine function, hormone levels, vision, hearing, glucose tolerance, and these things.”

“These markers of biological age can actually be halted. It can even be reversed through proper sleep, through exercise, with some breathing techniques, through emotional well being, through relationship enrichment and most importantly, through stress management. That’s the program that we’re doing and we’re hoping that people will take advantage of it.”

This is one “boomer” that will definitely take advantage of the innovative program. There’s no question that Chopra considers Timeless You to be life-saving, but we’ll excuse him if he doesn’t view the ideas behind the courses as anything new – he’s been preaching them for years.

“It did surprise me a lot. I'm a physician and my own colleagues did not subscribe to these ideas, but now 30 years after I started speaking about this, there’s a new science that explores neuroplasticity and also epigenetics, which means you don’t change your genes, but you can change the expression of your genes. And that’s very significant. It means that your mind and your spirit are actually speaking to your body’s self at the innermost level of ourselves, which is gene expression.”

“So you can have two identical twins who have exactly the same genes and 20 years later, if you look at their genomes, they’ll look completely different if they have lived different lifestyles or have different relationships or have been subjected to different environments. It used to be a philosophy, but it’s now science. “

“Timeless You is the next step in that progression and it is a necessary step because this is a very significant part of our population. In many cultures in the world, if you respect the older people, if you put them to work, if you make them productive, they will not only live longer, but make major contributions to society.”

It’s a given that the collaborative program will enrich countless lives, teaching them to look inwardly for validation rather than outwardly – a critical and necessary shift in a person’s viewpoint according to the insightful healer.

“It’s become part of the culture because of media, because of advertising, because of the mindset that says there’s instant gratification if you swallow a pill, there’s instant gratification if you take a drink. We are a society that is promised instant gratification through pleasure, and while pleasure is important, it has very little to do with happiness.”

“When we go and we lose vitality, people’s perception is that the body’s biological mechanisms are rigid and cannot be changed. People have a perception of just the meaning of aging. So changing the perception of aging, changing the perception of how our body functions and changing even the perception of time can influence your biological age.”

For those of you that still haven’t gotten the drift, let me snow again – change is good. But the change has to come from within. Chopra completely agreed, “People make changes because they want to and it’s a good idea and they’re enjoying them, which is the best way.”

“Otherwise, they make changes when they are diagnosed with an ailment which sometimes is too late. Or they make changes when somebody in their family gets sick or dies and then they make them out of fear. Making a change with a motivation from fear is not good for you because fear is its own biology.”

“You have to be inspired to make a change in your life. The word inspired suggests that to be inspired is to be in spirit. Motivation can be defeated but inspiration is unstoppable. It’s a spiritual experience.”

And who among us can’t benefit from a profoundly spiritual experience? There’s just one more thing. Don’t let the thing fool you. Chopra was quick to point out that the program is for everyone, not just “cool, hip grandparents.”

You can learn more about the dynamic program at Each course costs $9.99. During a promotional launch period, the first course will be free and the complete six-course package will be available for $29.99.

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