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Deepak Chopra, atheists and non-believers who push against holistic medicine

The world’s greatest leader in mind-body medicine Deepak Chopra, “the mind has the capability to produce any drug,” has proven the profound impact the mind has on your health. Deepak Chopra is eminently qualified with medical training and his knowledge of Eastern esoteric.

Deepak Chopra, atheists and non-believers who push against holistic medicine

Athiests and non-believers try to trample underfoot and retaliate

Is it a brand of anti-health food and alternative health versus the establishment of traditional logical medicine? What atheists groups say they want is “religious dogma and junk science” out of healthcare. What is it they fear? The insurance companies and big pharma aren’t already raking in enough money.

Doctors and scientists now study quantum physics and integrative medicine works to incorporate what Traditional Chinese Medicine has known all along

Skeptics now blame holistic medicine for the cause and effect of all of their political motivations. Deepak Chopra seeks to shed the light on the “anti-choice movement.” To deny religion or spirituality is to deny the soul and it’s place in the mind, body and soul connection in health. Scientific evidence is on the record to this proof.

Micheal Shermer says Deepak Chopra is a fake and practices “pseudoscience”

Militant atheist Richard Dawkins puts the fire under atheists with his aggressive and hostile approach. He speaks persuasively about which his point is only to implant doubt into the minds of others.

Atheist, materialistic view versus consciousness and spirituality

“War of the World Views,” the New York Times best seller, the book and tour in which Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow atheist physicist, wrote the book together describing the scientific, materialistic view and the conscious observer view. Both perspectives were witnessed and no changing of the minds occurred, but a friendship did ensue between the two writers.

Youtube Video, ” Dangerous Ideas” Deepak Chopra and Richard Dawkins from 2013-11-09 is the famous debate between the two clashing views.

The ongoing debate hasn’t been settled

Militant skepticism and cynicism seems to be a form of hate which seems to be a force in the word rooted in terroristic actions persuasive mental abuse instead of healthy debate.

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