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Deep fried and low fat

Fried foods can now have less fat.
Fried foods can now have less fat.

Southerners have a life long love affair with deep fried foods. The terms "fish fry" and "southern fried chicken" were coined in the south. While the taste and texture of fried foods is quite distinctive, the negative health aspects have been thoroughly documented. If you love deep fried foods and still desire to be healthy then there is a way for you to do both.

Dr. Stephen Kelleher, a Massachusetts food chemist, has created an enzyme that can be applied to food prior to deep frying that makes it low fat. The enzyme is a protein derived from fish muscle that is converted into a solution. The solution when applied to foods before frying, forms a micro film around the food and blocks out fat and carbohydrates, while maintaining taste and texture.

The resulting fried items have as much as 75% less fat. This new process is FDA approved and the chemist is looking into additional applications.


  • Profile picture of Hannah W.
    Hannah W. 4 years ago

    Wow... who'd have thought that deep-fried foods might not be so bad for you after all?

  • Profile picture of Priscilla Hatcher
    Priscilla Hatcher 4 years ago

    Hi Lifeimpaired,

    I think that's only if the fried foods have the protein coating on them that the scientist created before they are deep fried. Science is amazing to be able to create something like this.

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