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‘Deep Down’ dev built new engine specifically to fit Xbox One, PS4

What do you think? Tell us in the comments down below.
What do you think? Tell us in the comments down below.
Capcom via

With the improvement in video game technology, Deep Down developer Capcom was forced to start over on a new gaming engine to keep up with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, according to a report today from VG 24/7.

In a post to Capcom’s investor relations blog, senior manager Masaru Ijuin said the studio had been developing games using it’s original MT Framework engine until it ran into issues with technical advances.

“Don't get me wrong. We believe MT Framework is a powerful rendering engine,” Ijuin said. “But it's clear that heightened game quality leads to a rise in the number of man hours.”

Ijuin estimates that Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen machines add between eight and 10 percent more work to create games than the current generation of consoles.

Thus, Capcom felt the need to not just update MT Framework but to actually build a new engine designed only for next-gen, dubbed the Panta Rhei.

“We won’t use Panta Rhei to develop games for the current generation of consoles,” Ijuin said. “We intend to continue using MT Framework to do that and use MT Framework Mobile for handhelds and smartphones. These engines provide the optimum development environments for hardware with different characteristics and specifications.”

The one drawback to the new engine, Ijuin pointed out, is that game creators will need to start at “square one” in terms of learning to develop using Panta Rhei

In the end, Ijuin said, it is not only a necessary upgrade but also one that will allow Capcom to “tackle new challenges” as the studio heads into next-gen.

“Next-gen consoles have drastically redefined the way games are rendered. Conventional theories no longer work,” Ijuin said. “If we create games the same way as before, we won't be able to give our fans what they want, and that's games unlike any they have ever played.”

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