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Deena Kastor runs toward master's record in the half marathon

Deena Kastor didn’t break the American master’s record in the half marathon March 23, but she sure came close.

Deena Kastor won the 2014 Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon with a time of 71:57.
Photo by Peter Larsen/Getty Images for Competitor Group

Kastor, 41, ran to a time of 71:57 at the Dallas Rock ’n Roll Half Marathon Sunday. The American master’s record for the 40-44 year old age group is 71:50, set by Collen de Reuck in 2006. Kastor wasn’t far off of the master’s world record for her age group, either. That record of 69:56, set in 2008, is held by Russian Irina Permitina.

Kastor’s performance Sunday is made even more impressive by the fact that she ran the 71:57 time in extremely windy conditions. She was out in front the whole time and, as a result, ran the race by herself.

The 2004 Olympic-bronze medalist told Athletics Illustrated that she “can’t speculate how much faster she could have run without the wind,” but let’s be serious here: It’s obvious that Kastor has more in her.

Kastor’s best-ever half marathon time of 67:34 is the current American half-marathon record, as is her marathon time of 2:19.36.

Kastor told Athletics Illustrated that she won’t be running another half marathon before June, but that’s as far as her schedule extends. She’d like to run another one again soon though, she said.

Many of her fans would like that, too — and perhaps next time we’ll even see a record.

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