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Dedication will bring back teen memories, even the embarrassing ones

Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

What if your first love left town, without a word to anyone, days before graduation?

What if he went on to become one of the biggest recording stars on the planet and every song he's famous for is about you? What if, after thirteen years of getting on with your life - walking past his face on newsstands, flipping past his image on TV, tuning him out on the radio - you get the call that he has landed back in your hometown for an MTV special two days before Christmas? What if you finally had the chance to confront him? What would you do? Kate Hollis finds herself on the threshold of her thirtieth birthday, about to discover that the only way to embrace life as a fully-fledged, well-adjusted adult is to re-visit seventeen.

Dedication, written by the authors of The Nanny Diaries Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, is the quintessential what if?

Who hasn't wondered what would happen if they were given the chance to go back.  To go back and show off.  To go back and get answers.  To go back and get closure.

McLaughlin and Kraus skillfully bounce between present day Kate Hollis and Kate Hollis in high school.  Each chapter draws you more into her group of friends, her family dynamic and her relationship with Jake Sharpe.  You see the tender first love between Kate and Jake sprout and then blossom, and then end, all while realizing what Kate endured in the 13 years it has been since the relationship ended so abruptly.

In the end we learn that we can get closure, but that people change.  The ones we loved so long ago are not same, and really neither are we.

Dedication speaks to the young drama queen that lives inside all of us, but to the pushing-40 Mom set maybe not so much.  It will all depend on how deep you've buried that drama queen away.

Dedication with it's new fan-voted winning cover is available at


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