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Decorative pumpkins for Halloween - no carving necessary!

Decorative pumpkins

Halloween is known as the time for pumpkin carving. But, it doesn't have to. This year, try something new! Just grab the kiddos and a few art supplies and spend your time decorating instead of carving!

Ghostly Gourds: For some boo-tastic pumpkin ghosts, just paint the body of your pumpkin white, then draw on some colorful eyes as a finishing touch.

Masquerading Pumpkins: First, simply draw a fun face onto your pumpkin. Then design a mask with colorful paper, crayons, etc. Add elastic to the mask and place it over your pumpkins eyes. Add a funky hat on top and your pumpkins are ready to decorate any masquerade party.

Mummy-kins: To add a mysterious mummy touch to your pumpkins, just wrap them in self-stick gauze then glue on a pair of googly eyes. Easy and different!

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