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Decoration Tips for Kids Room

The basic function of kid’s room: the most important function of kid’s room is to let kids have a free and safe private area where they can study, play, sleep. Parents should take these factors into consideration when choose and remodel kid’s room to create a good studying, playing and sleeping environment for kids by combining colour, lighting, furniture, window and decors with good decoration skills.

The layout of kid’s room: except the common problems that adult bedroom layout has, such as avoid placing headboard near the window, there are some other problems should be pay attention to for kid’s bedroom. Kid’s room should be far away from kitchen and bathroom. The decoration of kid’s room should avoid being too complicated. Furniture size should not be too large. Leave enough space for kids playing.

The layout of kid’s room should be good to their healthy growth and be able to cultivate their independence and reduce dependence. Small table and storage cabinet can be used to improve their operational ability. Encourage them to organize their private goods by themselves. Use round shaped furniture as more as possible and avoid glass and to sharp corner furniture to reduce the danger of hurt when running. Find potential kids room safety problems here. And teach them to store the toys after playing.

Kid’s room floor: the floor of kid’s room is better to be natural wooden floor. It is safe and easy to clean. Stone floor should be avoided for it may contain radioactive material. Although carpet is safe for use, the dust on the carpet may lead to trachitis and respiratory disease for long term use.

Kid’s room colour: colour has great influence on the mentality of kids. Colour for kids room should be simple and elegant, avoid dazzling colour like red and purple to stimulate kids. Black and white are also should be avoided. Light blue with green, yellow and pink is good colour scheme for kid’s room. It can make the room feel harmonious and vivid.

Kid’s room illumination: wall lamp with soft light is the best lighting solution for kid’s room. It can prevent the kid from touching socket. Kids may knock down the floor lamp or table lamp when playing in the room. So floor lamp and table should not be used in kid’s room. Avoid install socket in kids room or use socket cap to protect kids from been electrified. Usually kids are afraid to stay alone in dark room. Area light with adjustable lighting intensity can help you solve this problem. Except above mentioned points, kid’s room lighting solution should also be good to protect their eyesight.

Other notes for kid’s room decoration:

1 The kid’s room door should be closed in the night. Curtain can block noise and lighting outside the room in the night. It can create good sleeping environment for kids.

2 Electric appliances like TV, video recorders and computer should not be placed in kid’s room for reduce electron radiation and electricity use danger.

3 Mirror and aeolian bells should not be placed in kid’s room. They can distract kid’s attention and cause neurasthenia.

4 The toy of kids should be developmental toys like piano, car and building blocks. Wood is the preferred toy material for kids. This is because wood is sturdy and durable. It is environmental friendly.

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