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Decorating your apartment or rental home

I have lived in three apartment buildings since living on my own, but it’s been a struggle to make a rental property feel like home. First of all, you have to be sure to read the rules stated in the lease. And then it’s difficult to make an apartment feel like home if the walls are all painted white. Here are a few ways to help make your apartment feel like home.
Decorating your apartment with color
Despite the blank white walls, it is possible to make an apartment feel like a home by adding color in other ways. Any furnishings and decorations you bring into your apartment or rental home are possible sources of color. Don’t overdo the color by bringing every color of the rainbow into your apartment or purchasing everything in one color. First of all, consider a color scheme of three to five colors, including black, white, and neutral pieces. Bring these colors into the apartment with furniture, window coverings, rugs, throw pillows, and accessories.
Decorating your apartment with wall art
Wall art consists of photographs, paintings, mirrors, metal décor, and shelves…Don’t leave the walls of your apartment blank, especially if they are white. Wall art will add a personal touch to your apartment or rental home. Be sure to bring balance to the room by hanging large pieces or groups of photographs on larger walls and smaller pieces on the smaller walls. However, negative space is good – you don’t have to fill up every bit of wall space to make your apartment feel like home!
Decorating your apartment with accessories
Accessories include wall art, lamps, throw pillows, and candles…However, make sure not to overdo the accessories in your apartment or rental home. Lots of “stuff” may help your place feel lived-in, but too many accessories will only add clutter and confusion. Keep it simple with a few things here and there. Finally, before you light those candles – make sure it’s not against your landlord’s rules.
An apartment or rental home doesn’t have to feel empty and cold. Decorate your apartment by adding color, wall art, and other accessories to add a personal touch and make your place feel like home.


  • Liz B 5 years ago

    Great tips Tonya--thanks!

  • Nashville Healthy Food Examiner 5 years ago

    Especially helpful for students or young people starting out.

    -Elizabeth Kelly

  • Lyn Lomasi 5 years ago

    Good tips, especially for those just starting out. :-)

    Lyn Lomasi
    Houston Parenting Examiner