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Decorating with a dark color scheme

Why is it that most people shy away from using dark colors in their interior decor? Dark colors are bold. They can be downright scary, at times. But dark color schemes also make a statement. The use of dark colors in an interior shows visitors that the homeowner has an interesting personality.

Decorating with a dark color scheme: Mix dark colors with lighter and brighter colors

Dark colors shouldn't be used alone in a room. Some light or bright color should be incorporated into the space, as well. This is because too much darkness can cause the room to feel like a dungeon. You want them to stand out, so use dark colors as an accent.

Decorating with a dark color scheme: Use dark colors as accents

If you like a particular color, but don't want to overwhelm guests with too much of it, use the darker color as an accent. Your main color may be white or a light, neutral hue. Add splashes of your favorite dark color as an accent, such as with a throw pillow or vase, to keep the room from becoming boring. Accent colors add interest to a space.

Decorating with a dark color scheme: Dark colors make small rooms feel smaller

As a general rule, the darker the color, the smaller the room will feel. A dark color may help make a large, open room feel cozier. This is why most people shy away from using dark colors in smaller rooms and turn to whites to brighten them up. However, this doesn't mean you should never use dark colors in small rooms. To keep a small room from becoming boring, throw a couple dark colors in with the lighter ones as accent colors.

While it is true that most people tend to lean towards lighter, neutral colors in their interior decor, there is nothing wrong with using a dark color scheme. Dark colors may be bold, and they may make a statement, but they don't have to be scary. They add interest and help make a home "your own".


  • Carol Gibson - Miami Astrology Examiner 4 years ago

    I just got a deep burgundy couch. It blends with the brown tile floor, and otherwise darker wood furniture. Should I get a light colored area rug, perhaps? Looks good so far, but a little dark.

    Great article.