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Decorating with a couch against a wall in the abode

Bring the sofa just a few inches away from the wall to create a beautiful decor
Bring the sofa just a few inches away from the wall to create a beautiful decor
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If you feel up against the wall as far as decorating with a couch you are not alone. Sofas general look best when centered in a room looking sitting by a beautiful fireplace but not everyone has a room large enough to accommodate seating placed that far away from the walls.

Follow me on this video tour of how to decorate using a sofa by a wall
Carol Ruth Weber, SFGate

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A beautiful decor can be achieved by following a basic tip when faced with placing a couch against a wall.

When no options exist beyond decorating with a couch against a wall then the most important rule to follow is to pull the sofa away from the wall, even if it is just a couple of inches.

  • Seating should never be touching a wall.

When the couch back is against a wall it can make the decor feel cramped and forced. The wall becomes part of the seating structure often creating an off centered feeling.

Attain a designer appearance with seating grouped so it is not exactly touching the walls.

Pull the sofa just a few inches away from the wall and instantly find that the room takes on a more elegant look.

  • Place a couch back parallel with the wall flanked on one or both sides by chairs or a loveseat.
  • Use chairs angled 45-degrees facing the couch with a coffee table in front of it.
  • Place an ottoman in front of the sofa with a tray on it to use as a coffee table.

Add a decorative touch to the wall behind the sofa to enhance the decor.

  • Place a large mural or piece of artwork centered over the sofa. The bottom should be no higher than eight to 12 inches above the sofa back.
  • Create a grouping of artwork hung on the wall centered over the sofa.
  • Use molding or lattice panels to create a backdrop for which to frame the couch.

Easily create a beautiful looking room by following simple designer rules that are as easy as pulling a sofa away from a wall. Now get up off of the couch and never be afraid to dance!

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