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Decorating the Tween/Teen Bedroom on a Budget

Remember those days?
Remember those days?

After forking out for Disney Princesses bedspreads and Thomas the Tank Engine wall border, what's next?  It seems like nearly every few months or so there's a new favorite TV show or entertainer "must have" to add to your kid's bedroom decor. 

If you're not careful, it may start to look like a poster shop or mix n' match pop culture flea market.  But even home decor can be an opportunity to teach our children how to budget expenses and be good stewards of what we have.

A good place to start if your child's bedroom is crying out for an update, is to go slightly generic on wall colors and curtains - like a blank canvas.  Invest in two or three nice sized poster frames and extra bed pillows.  A solid color reversible comforter such as denim blue, red or grey and solid colored sheets will also play an important role in future decorating schemes.

Now that you've put together a clean palette to start from, you are ready to tackle just about any fad or phase that might come through.  When the newest style hits the market, your decorating budget can be set early on.  

Bare walls will be ready to reflect posters of favorite movie scenes or actors/entertainers.  If there is a special hobby; photos, magazine cut-outs or other memorabilia can be organized "scrapbook fashion" and slipped into poster frames to highlight current interests. Since big dots are in style right now, don't be afraid to let the kids do their own art work with paints or markers to display original design.  Hobby Lobby is a fun place to browse for artsy ideas and you can usually find a half price coupon in the Sunday paper (

Usually, the latest movie or theme comes in ready to buy bedding and sheet sets from the big box stores.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on all the accessories, splurge on character/theme pillow cases and display them on the bed.  Pick up the main color of the accessory and take a trip to your local fabric shop.  A few yards of coordinating colored swags can carefully be draped over window treatments or can be whip stitched around a throw pillow for accents (

Whether you have hard wood floors or carpeting, inexpensive throw rugs are also a great way to bring in coordinating colors if there is still a need for more accessorizing.  Even a nice fleece throw can be substituted for a more expensive rug.  Furry rugs are in style right now, but don't invest too much in a fad because like their name its fun now but out of style later.

Be creative!  When changing out furniture, don't fall back into big ticket item upgrades.  A nice desk from Pottery Barn can run over five-hundred dollars, but a couple of short shelved bookcases and a solid surface counter top from the Home Depot may create more interest, easier clean up and costs just over a hundred dollars all together (

Don't be afraid to try the unexpected!  By playing it safe, choosing to keep the rest of the room in neutrals, these well placed accented colors really pull the whole room together both in theme and design.  And when the next fad comes in, just rotate out the pillow cases and posters and you can re-do it all over again while staying on a budget!





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