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Decorating Ideas for Your Balcony

Balcony Design Ideas
Balcony Design Ideas
Melody Home

Balcony is one of the best places for you to relax: enjoying gentle breeze, breathing the outdoor fresh air and enjoying outdoor scenery. You can have good times at the balcony no matter you are with your family or alone. Even though your balcony is small, you also can create a beautiful and comfortable space. If you have no idea how to design and decorate the balcony, here are some decorating ideas for your balcony.

1.Turn it to a happy recreation room

The gorgeous potted plants matching with outdoor home furnishings will turn your balcony a natural recreation room. You can do the bonsai gardening, chatting with friends, or just take a nap.

Plants: You can choose potted flowers to decorate the balcony. Red geraniums, pink impatiens, pink and purple petunias and a set ofcoleus will add colors and cheerful tone to your balcony.

Pane: you can get the pane at the flower market or build a wooden pane. This wood pane will bring country feeling to your balcony and also at the same time offer place to the vine plants to climb.

Seat: Woven style wrought iron chairs not just offer you seat at the balcony, but also be stylish home decorations.

Flower stand: Pine flower stand is practical and beautiful. You can easily put your potted flowers on it.

Cushions: The cushions will bring you comfortable sitting experience. Apart from the cheerful color tone, also pay attention to the wearing resistance and water resistance.

2.Turn it to a dynamic restaurant

It is really fancy idea to move your dining room out to a spacious balcony to enjoy the delicious meals. Beautiful tablecloth, exquisite tableware as well as the fresh plants will create you a romantic dining atmosphere.

Plants: lush plants can create a relaxing atmosphere. You can plants some ivy in flowerbed.Choose several strains of basil and other herbs plants to provide natural flavoring to your dinner.

Carpet: you also can choose the waterproof carpet for the balcony floor. It will offer you much comfort and improve your life quality.

Tablecloth: Choose the tablecloth with flower patterns to create country style feeling. The beautiful tablecloth will also bring much charm to the dining table.

Lighting: for Romantic dinner, the lighting is necessary. You can hang a big lamp under your roof or light a row of candle on the balcony balustrade.

3. Turn it into a quiet living room
The balcony also can be decorated into a quiet living room to have rest. A circle of lush plants matching with several pieces of furniture can turn the balcony into a quiet living room.

Plants: You can choose some purple goodhearted, morning glory and lantana surround the entire space.

Floor: you choose the carpet for the floor or just choose batten for the floor. Batten floor will also offer you comfort and it is easy to maintain.

Coffee table: you can be creative to put a round glass pane on a big round flowerpot to make a coffee table.

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