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Decorating how-to's for springing into Spring with a fresh abode

Here in Long Island, as with much of the country, everyone has been huddled inside this winter with horrid temperatures and snow upon snow. Finally the end of the winter is now in site as the temps rise and the birds are coming out. As the deep freeze thaws with warmer temperatures and the sun beaming down, it is the perfect time to wake up the decor from the winter hibernation.

Capture the essence of spring by refreshing the abode's decor
Capture the essence of spring by refreshing the abode's decor
spring into a new decor with a fresh season

Spring into action to create a lovely abode filled with the freshness that comes with the Spring season.

As one opens the windows and shades to let in the sunshine of Spring the rooms of the abode are revealed to see the cave of winter that one is looking to crawl out of. It is time to air out the cave and liven up the decor.

Before any decor project it is not just important to have a plan of action. Take your old fashioned pen and paper or new tablet and take notes.

  • What must be accomplished to spring up the abode begin decorating; note cleaning and necessary repairs.
  • What can be done to make the decor new and ready for a fresh season such as painting and new accessories.

Now it is time to jump in and begin the Spring spruce up.

Spring decorating begins with cleaning out the darkness of winter and getting organized.

Wake up the pack rats and get everyone into action to toss out all of the unneeded papers and junk that have been sharing the space during the winter months. Organize important papers into files to be properly stored. Have the kids put toys away (and throw out the broken ones).

  • Shoe organizers work wonders for organizing more than just shoes; use your imagination to keep hair tools, cosmetics, toys, remotes, flashlights, umbrellas, etc. in place

Once the floor and table surfaces are revealed scrub out the nasty winter figuratively and literally.

  • Mop the floors and clean the table and counter tops, scrub scuffs on walls. Vacuum the upholstery and shake out area rugs outside. Scrub the tiles and grout. Open the winters and let in that new scent of the coming fresh breeze of Spring.

Spring is all about renewal, the perfect time to make the abode new again by performing necessary home repairs.

  • With the sun shining in and the cleaning completed now one can see what wall surfaces need patching, and what bathroom and kitchen fixtures could use new calking. Repair loose floor boards and broken hinges.

Now to begin the fun of achieving a new Spring decor for the abode

This is the perfect time to add new color with a fresh coat of paint, especially if surfaces needed patching.

  • Paint an entire room or add interest by changing the color of one wall or the ceiling.

New furnishings for the room always spruces up the decor. This does not necessarily mean spending a fortune on replacing sofas and cabinetry. Achieving a newly furnished appearance can be easy, fun and light on the wallet when using imagination.

  • Simply by adding a new area rug, lamp shades and some pillows in new colors can transform the abode. Shop at discount stores to find these items at greatly reduced prices.
  • Redecorate the windows. Take down the heavy drapery and replace with simple blinds, shades, or shutters. Add a light sheer curtain over the windows, hung down to the floor from a rod hung at ceiling height, to add depth and interest.
  • Swap furnishings between different rooms. End tables in the living room can look great as night tables in the bedroom. Artwork is easy to swap around to create a new grouping or add new interest in a new room. Turn a dresser from the bedroom into a media cabinet in the living room or a new island in the kitchen.
  • With the warmer weather it is the perfect time to get out and visit thrift and consignment shops searching for enticing decor to add beauty to the decor. Case goods like tables, dressers and chests can be made new and transformed with paint.

Of course what is Spring without new growth and fresh scents.

Bring the scents of Spring and a bit of the new green blooming outside in.

  • Plants add instant freshness to any room so spruce up the decor with some greenery in beautiful pots grouped by a window or hung on a wall as living art work.
  • Candles are beautiful all year round. Light some candles to spread the scents of Spring around the abode

When finished it is time to relax and relish life among the renewed decor in the freshness of the new season. Feel the light breeze come in through the open windows bringing with it the scents of Spring and beams of sunshine.

Always put a spring in your step never be afraid to dance!

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