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Decorating a small bedroom

A small bedroom can be a great space for a child or someone who only lives at a home infrequently, such as a college student. When a small bedroom is going to be used everyday by an adult, however, decorating can get tricky. If you’re dealing with this problem, try these tips.

  1. Get a single mattress. The bed is the item of furniture that takes up the most space in a bedroom, so it makes sense to get the smallest one you can comfortably fit on. A single bed mattress provides enough room for an average adult, and it’s only three feet wide, giving you a lot of extra space in the rest of the room.

  2. Use your nightstand as storage. Instead of a traditional small table, look for small chests of drawers. A good place to find these is in children’s furniture stores, since many dressers are made for young kids that are lower to the ground. Ideally, look for unfinished children’s furniture, since many kids’ pieces are usually decorated in a style that is too immature for adults. Buying unfinished furniture will also save you about 25% off what you would have otherwise paid for the piece.

  3. Use mirrors. Buy the largest framed mirrors that you can afford, or use a series of smaller mirrors in a pattern. Mount the mirror so that the middle of the mirror is at eye level on the wall opposite the door. Not only will the mirror give the illusion of the room being more spacious, but it can also double as an extra place to get ready in the morning.

  4. Put the bed on risers. Risers can be bought at any home improvement store (many furniture stores sell them as well). They raise a bed anywhere from a few inches to a foot or more. This will give you extra storage space under the bed without making the bed look like a loft sleeping area. If possible, buy or make an extra-long bed skirt to hide what you’re storing.

  5. Use closet space wisely. Small bedrooms, unfortunately, often come with small closets. Make the most of the space by adding a shelf over the clothes bar and consider placing a shoe rack on the floor of the closet to save space on storage.

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