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Decorated Navy Veteran Takes Down Tattered Damaged Flag – Then Fired By Boss

Patriotism is not something that a Huntsville, Alabama American navy veteran simply wears on his sleeve to be abandoned after service to the nation. So when Rick Heilman, a navy vet saw a tattered flag hanging in front of his workplace at Yearwood Equipment he asked his boss if he could replace it, reported WTVY News.

Heilman took the flag down and presented it to his boss - He was fired
photo credit - Facebook

The answer he received was not only shocking but it sent him on a mission to correct the damaged image a torn American flag portrayed to anyone passing by the business. The vet even snapped several photos of the flag and showed them to his boss. Not a big deal, one would think, but the boss told him no.

Upon returning to work Heilman had decided to replace the flag himself and did just that.

Seems rather simple, but his boss apparently did not think so, and the ex-navy man was fired for his very patriotic action. His boss claimed that, “the he was letting him go not for taking down the torn flag, but for not following instructions,” according to WTVS News,

Heilman disagrees with his boss’s version of what occurred. The Huntsville proud vet affirms his commitment to taking down the tattered flag. He stressed,I believe that he has hopefully seen the error of his ways in the ways that we handle the flag and the respect that we give veterans and active duty people,” reported WTVS News.

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