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Decorated Army medic fulfills dream in ‘The Calling’ TV show

Decorated Army medic fulfills dream in ‘The Calling’ TV show
Decorated Army medic fulfills dream in ‘The Calling’ TV show
Josh Bartlam, world class photographer

This October, former 1SG Steve Holden, a retired and decorated Army combat medic, will show his passion and share his dream of being a professional outdoorsman on the new Destination America television series, The Calling TV.

Last year, when a close friend declined the opportunity to take part in the show it only took Steve a “Texas minute” to accept the spot along with two others. What an opportunity it’s been.

Friday night, the week-long filming for Season One wrapped up at the Birdwell and Clark Ranch in Henrietta, Texas.

This was posted on The Calling TV's Facebook page:

Everyone has a calling in life. These 3 extraordinary people have answered their calling to be outdoor TV personalities. The 10 episode series follows them as they step away from their normal lives and live the demanding and stressful lives of an outdoor TV star for one week.

Aiming at an audience of hunters and non-hunters alike, producer and champion bow hunter Ken Cobb said of the Sunday night program, "It ain't all about hunting... it's about the journey and the honesty and integrity you maintain along the way.”

Steve Holden, a native of Missouri, invites his friends and family to share in the fun. Those who would love to see him in future episodes and follow his journey of becoming a professional hunter should log onto The Calling TV's Facebook page and then #TeamSteven .

This morning, the Facebook page of The Calling already had over 6,165 “likes”. Keep them coming for Steve by sharing the page.

The first episode airs October 4, at 9:30 am.m. on Destination America.

Examiner’s Note: The Calling is a show about hunting and bagging game. This isn’t catch-n-release, folks! Anyone with an opposition to this type of outdoor activity is encouraged to watch HGTV to avoid controversy!

Taking a peek into Steve Holden’s honesty and integrity, he was awarded the Legion of Merit Award, nominated by the men and women who served alongside him on his extended deployment at Camp Cropper, Iraq, Of his multiple awards and commendations, the Legion of Merit is his most coveted.

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Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting the troops. And thank you for supporting this very special retired Soldier in following his dream.

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