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Decorate on a budget with Perspective by Paulee

Get a new view with Perspective by Paulee
Get a new view with Perspective by Paulee
Carol M. Green

Decorating consultant company, Perspective by Paulee, assists homeowners desiring a new look on a budget. This unique approach to interior design won’t require a complete remodel or major furniture purchase, unless that is what the client desires.
Everyone has stuff, but not everyone knows how to display that stuff. The company owner, Paulee, has a talent for seeing what others might miss. Her artistic eye will survey items in her client’s home and create arrangements that complement their own style and personality.
Perspective by Paulee is available to help with holiday decorating, too. No need to let the seasons go unchanged indoors due to lack of time, energy, or inspiration. Perhaps it is time to change the way those beloved but dated Halloween and Christmas decorations are displayed. Paulee can help. In a short afternoon, you can have a new feel to your home and stay true to your budget. Friends might ask, “Did you get new furniture?” The answer is, “No! I just spent an afternoon with Perspective by Paulee!”

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Phone: 208-431-4786

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