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Decor for an easy move in and move out: Way Basics for the dorm abode

The Way Basics cubes are perfect for making the new college abode beautiful as well as using to pack for an easy move.
The Way Basics cubes are perfect for making the new college abode beautiful as well as using to pack for an easy move.
Way Basics

College housing, whether living into a dorm or apartment, often means moving often as each year begins and ends. The decor should provide not only comfort and beauty for living but should also serve well for easy move-ability. Way Basics makes the perfect products to serve anyone who wants lovely decor that is easy to move for a quick transition.

Perfect decor for those in transitional living
Way Basics

Way Basics cubes are versatile, light weight, and so very easy to put together, plus sustainable.

Way Basics uses a special process that creates durable patented zBoards by recycling 99-percent of the material from recycled paper. These extremely light weight boards come packed in a box ready to put together without a single tool.

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No tools needed

Unlike other similar looking products these lightweight cubes require only ones' hands to assemble them.

  • Just unpack, stick in provided pins, peel the super-strong 3M brand adhesive strips on the edges and stick together; your cube is created in literally seconds.

Perfect for endless decor options

Easily attach cubes together with Scotch square fasteners that are stronger than Velcro but work in the same manner. Note these are not included but are recommended by Way Basics. The Scotch fasteners make it easy to attach and reattach when moving or redecorating.

  • The cubes come in a variety of colors and wood tones to fit within any decor.
  • Stack cubes from floor to ceiling decor to organize books, clothing, media and other essentials.
  • Place a few cubes together to use as coffee table or media center with the added storage benefit.
  • Bins and Baskets can be purchased to fit inside cubes to hide unsightly storage.

Moving is easy with the cube turning into an instant box ready to pack.

With the cubes being so light weight they are perfect to use as a box to pack up and move, making frequent transitioning dorm and apartment living very easy and organized.

  • Simply pull apart your Scotch fastened cubes and neatly pack them up for an easy instant move.
  • The cubes are made to handle 50 pounds of weight packed in.

Way Basics cubes are the perfect decor option to make transitioning into a new dorm or apartment life easy and living friendly. Start with a few and order more as needed. Have fun when redecorating by creating new formations of attached cubes to fit the decor and needs. Mix and match colors for a fun look. College life is a time to learn how to transition from living as a child into living as an adult. The decor should reflect that and help make living easy and organized for optimal studying and living. Way Basics aims to add beauty and ease to a new exciting abode.

Have fun and stay organized as you plan the transitions in life. Never be afraid to dance!

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