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Decoding your Metabolism

A customer buys vegetables
A customer buys vegetables
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As women, most have struggled with metabolism issues in one way, shape or form. Not everyone is lucky enough to inherit a speedy metabolism that allows you to eat all the junk food in the world, not workout and still not gain an ounce of weight. Health professionals have decoded a few tips and tricks about metabolism and the 3 types that cause your body to process food quickly or slowly.

The 3 types are broken down into such: fast oxidizers, slow oxidizers and balanced oxidizers. From the names you can guess pretty well what they mean and what they do so let’s get straight to the tips and tricks of each.

Fast oxidizers: Contrary to belief this isn’t the ‘magic’ metabolism rate. Since the food is burned up quickly the body often tends to absorb fewer nutrients. For women with this type of metabolism try eating foods that break down slowly, think high-purine proteins (organ meats, mussels, beef, dark meat), complex carbs (nonstarchy vegetables) fruit (avocados, olives, apples) and natural oils and fats (nuts, butters, cream). With this type of metabolism it is important to avoid simple carbohydrates; this is the worst food for fast oxidizers along with carefully watching the amount of alcohol and caffeine consumed.

Slow oxidizers: There are benefits to slowly digesting your food, you get more out of the food you eat, however it is not converted to energy as well as other types. For this type low-purine proteins work with your body best (white meat chicken, turkey, fish) complex carbs are ideal (asparagus, celery, spinach), although this type processes carbs the best sticking to complex carbs will feel make your body function best. Fruits are another great option (apples, berries, citrus fruits) and minimal natural oils and fats. Avoid eating red, darks meats and high-fat dairy products. Luckily for this type alcohol and caffeine are less of a detriment to their health than their counter-parts.

Balanced oxidizers: As the name states eating an equal portion of all foods will help you feel your best. A combination of all types of proteins (organ meats, beef, white-meat chicken) complex carbs, still no simple carbohydrates, fruits as always and an equal amount of natural oils and fats compared to your protein intake. The key to remember with this type is to eat a well rounded meal; do not eat strictly one type of food for a meal. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine is a good idea for this type as well.

Remember knowledge is power, you can’t change what you see or how you feel without first knowing the history and background. To figure out exactly what type of metabolism you have click here.


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