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Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication


Have you ever wanted to learn how to communicate with animals but thought you are too ‘right-brained’ to learn something so intuitional? Using intuition is a major component of communicating with animals for sure, but did you also know that science is able to explain how it is possible?

Last year I was introduced to Joyce Leake through her co-authored book titled “Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication” and found it a fascinating read. There are plenty of personal experiences shared by Joyce & her co-author Vickie Wickhorst, stories of people & their pets that have benefited from having interaction with these women. Commonly asked questions are also answered: should I talk out loud or silently when I talk with my pets? Does the animal need to be next to you when you communicate with them? How will I receive the messages from my animals? Advice is given as well, the steps you can take to provide a higher chance of success, which builds upon itself and helps you accept your ability.

More than all that is a whole section of the book devoted to those who need to understand the science behind the mystery. The explanation of how it works, why it works and history in the world of science. We are not the first generation of people to question the unknown and science has long been looking for answers to the unexplainable. Some of that history is well researched and shared in this entertaining and educational book.

Best of all, Joyce Leake is local! She lives near Kiowa-which pretty much makes us neighbors in a ‘country sense’ since I live in Elizabeth. I was thrilled to find someone so close who had such a fantastic understanding of the process. It was her who I turned to when my senior gelding was given a poor diagnosis from our vet-I wanted to make sure nothing was left unsaid. While I knew he would have no problem hearing my thoughts, feelings, emotions & fears, I wanted to make sure that I could hear anything he might have to say to me before his time was up.

It was in that meeting we felt a connection, Joyce saw in me the desire to make a difference, to help, to reach out and she has become a wonderful mentor. I would like to once again mention my connection with Joyce & share her book because next weekend you have the chance to join us for our first official Colorado Fur Parents meetup! You do not have to be a member to join us for some coffee & friendship, but it is a wonderful chance to ask Joyce any questions you may have about animal communication. CFP is still in the developmental stages, so we are in the process of creating the direction it will take. Input from our members is very important and we hope to meet some new people and expand our family of people who share our feelings: Animals are not just animals, pets are not just pets-they are our children.

For more information on Colorado Fur Parents, check out our website! If you are curious about Animal Communication I highly advice you read Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication and if you can make it come say hi at our Meetup on the 20th!


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