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Decode your diet style, then find the ideal book to win at weight loss

Find the right book for your diet personality.
Find the right book for your diet personality.
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What's your diet style? On Jan. 27, the "Today" show explained how decoding your own diet personality can help you lose weight by finding the ideal plan for your needs.

Your diet personality decoded:

  • Step by Step: You're a "Step by Step" dieter if you want a rules-based program telling you precisely what to do.
  • Fitness Focused: If you prefer to use exercise, not calorie-counting, to lose weight, this is your diet personality.
  • Emotional Eater: Do you know what to do, but sabotage yourself due to emotional and stress eating? Then this category applies to you.
  • Anti-Diet Approach: Want to wing it with your own approach? This is your diet personality.

Now that you know your diet style, the "Today" show's diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstorm recommends the following books matched to your own personality:

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