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Declutter your life one day at a time

Decluttering your home can help declutter your life one day at a time.
Decluttering your home can help declutter your life one day at a time.
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For many families the state of the home can be overrun with clutter from newsletters, prized school work, trinkets and old clothes that the children have outgrown too quickly. Adopting a schedule to declutter can help maintain some sort of order and sanity in your home.

Pick one day a week to work on one decluttering task only. This will break up your chore and not be too overwhelming. Often you will want to try and tackle the entire decluttering project in one day, only to create another mess of items that need to be shuttled off to Goodwill or the dump and will sit in the way for weeks on end.

Choose only one area at a time to focus all your energy on. By limiting your time and focus on one spot, you are more likely to get through it quickly and efficiently and you can move onto the next space next week without feeling overwhelmed. By keeping your efforts to one specific area or room, you are more likely to see results quickly and feel the benefits of decluttering immediately.

Items that help you declutter in only a few minutes:

  • outgrown or old clothes/shoes that are never worn
  • toys that are missing pieces/broken or don't work properly anymore like they were intended to
  • junk mail/magazines/newspapers/flyers that you intend to read later but never do

By tackling your problem areas and getting them cleaned up right away, you keep yourself motivated to continue on through the house to other rooms and areas that can use a good decluttering!

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