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Declare your vision one world before the Holy One

What if you knew that every moment you were building something so unimaginably awesome that it thrilled you to take care to always use the best materials and to refine every step of your process until it was perfected time and again.

What you are building is your life with your thoughts your actions the things you contemplate; all of these things create the warp and woof of your lives. Think well, plan ahead be inspired and most of all help everyone you can to make their own lives better for you see when it comes down to it we're all in this together.

Two together, one world

We need to be active in our preparation for the world and put aside all doubts to the contrary. "As long as a man imagines that he cannot do a certain thing, so long... is it impossible for him to do it."(Spinoza, Ethics 1677, iii Definition 28)

It is therefore in the imagining that all things take place. First we fill our thoughts with the ideas of our good and then we superimpose these thoughts upon the world around us. All takes place within the awareness as we go from the awareness of the vision to the fixing of the vision in place upon the world. We have to work with what we have and then move on from there.

"When the Holy One contemplated the generations of Enosh and the Flood, He said, How can I build a world with such wicked material? But when he envisioned Abraham, He said, I have found a rock (petra) on which to build the world." (Is 51.1) Yelamdenu, q Yalkut #766 to Num 23.9.

Hold to your vision of good and build upon this vision since your starting point will most certainly be reflected in your end result. Remember that you are the instruments of holiness. Everything that must come to be needs a vessel in which to flourish and blossom. You are that vessel. In terms of the unity of Creation what you envision is that one world.

"Abraham proclaimed one world before the Holy One." Eleazar HaKappar. Tanhuma, Lek Leka #2 ed Buber, 30a.

It is through you that the universe pours itself into creation into manifestation. This is why prayers are so important since we must constantly purify the vessel through which our prayers both ascend and then become the blessings that are their fulfillment.

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