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Decking out for working out

Designers must channel the '80s while creating active wear. Retail racks are filled with neon pink or green baggy shirts and mesh short shorts. Finding specialized active wear requires looking past the color.

Modern active wear offers many different options, including:

  • MP3 holder
  • Hidden key/ money pocket
  • Antimicrobial lining
  • Removable bra cups
  • Anti-odor fabric

A tank with a built-in bra and shorts with lining are great options for a quick change after work. Shorts with a zippered pocket or key pocket are convenient for the outdoor athlete. Choose clothing that is comfortable, supportive and appropriate to the activity.

Don't be seduced by name brands. If your self-esteem can't function without the swish logo, then go ahead and buy Nike. But know that store brands like SJB Active and Danskin offer many of the same options for half the price.

Economize by wearing old t-shirts and cut-off sweatpants some of the time. Splurge on lightweight running shoes and cushioned ankle socks. Buy a pair of store brand shorts with a hidden key pocket for long walks or runs outside. Remember to be safe and have fun.


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