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Decisions make themselves when the time is right

Back when I was giving readings full-time I noticed how so many people's angst came from forcing a decision too early. The universe hadn't lined up the pieces of the puzzle yet but the person was suffering trying to push the Flow.

Tee Tran, car finance guy extraordinaire, his fiance Macy and Penny the wonder dog in her own fabulous wedding dress
Tee Tran, car finance guy extraordinaire, his fiance Macy and Penny the wonder dog in her own fabulous wedding dress
The form of the Divine that enjoys dogs in bridal veils

So surrendering decisions to the Divine Will removes the need to pressure or torture yourself. You offer a specific issue over and wait to be shown the right actions and openings at the right moment. It is NOT passivity.

When the timing comes you are definitely shown and sometimes, once that happens, you need to really kick it! But then the Flow is with you so it's often fun. With practice, you simply start to be able to feel the Divine timing in your own body.

The Divine Order prayer which I originally learned from Florence Scovel Shinn can work for any topic. It accurately insists that "the perfect 'whatever' is already selected and you will be guided easily and effortlessly in the right way and the right time." "Outrageous Openness" is filled with examples of this. It just takes practice.

So here's what happened to me recently.

I've known for a while a different car was needed and coming. I'd been calling in Divine Order saying the perfect vehicle was already picked and I would definitely be guided.
Well, the day before my birthday last week the dashboard on my old Prius died once and for all.

So when I got home and called the dealer he said, "Oh my god, that's perfect timing. Last month they started to finally cover that by warranty no matter what year your car is. Come on in and we'll give you a free rental while we fix."

So for a week now, I've had their Prius-C. What's funny is I'd test-driven one last year. I remembered that when I got in with the sales guy, someone had left the jazz station on. Miles Davis, "Kind of Blue" was blasting, instantly transporting me into a serious saxophone swoon. The guy mumbled an apology and went to change the dial. "No, NO!" I had laughed, "It's one of my favorite songs. It's A SIGN!"

He looked at me like I was crazy, even for someone in Berkeley.

But it wasn't time to buy yet.

So now I have this free one for a while, because thanks to the Divine they're having trouble finding a new dashboard for the clunker. And each day I drive I realize more deeply that this car is perfect for me. Much smaller than my old, easy to park, sporty, but with enough room for a bike in the back seat and yoga stuff in the trunk. Plus almost 60 miles to the gallon and cheaper than the last one.

And I'm realizing I'll probably end up with turquoise which makes Miles' spontaneous serenade even more prescient.

So thank you Divine Beloved for giving me the perfect route to my next car.

Decisions make themselves when the time is right indeed.

Why not try this in your own life? You will see.


In the end, I did buy that cosmically-conferred blue car. On the day of the purchase I affirmed that every detail would go smoothly if it was meant to be. Then drove to the dealership for the simplest car purchase ever. So grateful. As I pulled into their lot I laughed seeing a license plate: "GODWIJA".

I mean, how could it not go well? How I adore this wildly colloquial, playful form of the Divine. There was even a quick welcome when I drove out with the new vehicle. The Subaru in front of me read : "OKLEZGO".

Ok then!

Even Tee Tran, the guy handling the car loan, was adorable and incredibly helpful. Later he sent me these photos of proposing to his fiancee Macy at SFO on New Year's Eve. Their wonder-dog Penny was the ring bearer and wore a wedding dress. (I mean, what else could a toy poodle wear? Are you kidding?)

When my friend Amy heard the story she said, "So you go to replace a frickin' dead car and you end up with photos of a dog in a bridal gown? Why does this makes sense to me?"

All wacky confirmation that I had been guided to buy from exactly the right spot.

(And for a tragic eulogy to The Old Prius, click here.)