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Decisions can bring happiness

In Oklahoma there are people who have trouble being a decision maker; often pawn decisions to those around them. Some Oklahomans are decisive, able to make decisions immediate or contemplative. Many Oklahomans consider being decisive wholesome; others want someone else to blame. Most Oklahomans agree decisions made today can affect the way one’s life grows, for good or ill.

Sam delighted with his decision to complete stretching exercises.
Personal email 2011/Charles E. Harrell

Even the most minor decision can bring happiness, or sorrow. One’s current life comes from their past decisions. Tabling a decision for later could determine a person’s lifestyle. This is as important for it could generate unexpected life consequences.

Oklahomans realize the importance of decisions. Many take a long time because they do not want to “mess up” or “make the wrong decision.” In some cases taking one’s time could cause difficulty for there are times when a quick decision is best. Oftentimes it is not easy to tell which type is the right choice; especially regarding a serious matter or a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Applying virtues in decision making can be beneficial. Virtues like courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, self-reliance, industriousness and perseverance can assist with making a wiser decision. Making certain the decision is in harmony with these virtues, can lead one toward a kinder outcome in one’s life; bringing greater joy.

Decisions where honesty and kindness are applied can further develop life positives. Later decisions usually are based on one’s decision-making precedence. Each person is a decision maker in their life. A minor can make a decision that affects their life’s outcome. Each decision matters for that which is chosen today becomes important tomorrow.

There are decisions that do not seem to impact negatively until made. Many Oklahomans warn their children about hasty or dishonest decisions that lead one down regrettable paths. Maintaining a positive outlook can augment one’s ability to decide; deliver a superior quality of decision making for a happier life.

No man can afford to express, through words or acts, that which is not in harmony with his own belief. --- Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success

All wise decisions are in harmony with one’s beliefs. An individual’s belief system can determine how they decide. Taking this into account is crucial.

Employers and employees should consider during the hiring process if they are in ethical accord. Employers using a different set of principles than the hired employees’ can cause misunderstandings and discord. This does not mean employer and employee must be the same religion. Those in the workplace can share different spiritual paths yet follow similar moral codes leading to a harmonious work environment.

Decisions also affect how one feels. A bad decision can make one feel awful; possibly generate health challenges from the inner turmoil. It is best to make certain each decision made is correct for one. Knowing the extreme importance each decision brings one is a key factor for having a happy life, presently and tomorrow. Enjoy the day!

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