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Decision to be an entrepreneur


Joy comes from making a decision.

Ah, so you’ve decided to start your own business, huh? Good for you! 

Starting and owning your own business can be a very rewarding and prosperous opportunity for you – unlike any other. 

As you embark upon this new journey, there will be several things that you must do in order to prepare yourself to own and operate a successful business in the city of Chicago

In this and subsequent articles, we will focus on what you must do to prepare yourself and your business to function at maximum levels while meeting and complying with the rules and regulations of city, state and federal laws that allow you to serve as owner, founder or president of your own business. 

Therefore, tighten up your boot straps because you are in for an exciting ride. The information you will receive from these articles will help to get you started and keep you connected to living out your goal of starting and running your very own business. 

Congratulations on making the decision to become an entrepreneur

Now, let the journey begin!

About the Author: Cassandra "D.I.V.A. of Dialog" Lee is a home-based entrepreneur who runs and operates a training and consulting business where she conducts, delivers, and presents keynote speeches, seminars, training sessions, and workshops to educate and empower adult and youth audiences toward personal growth and career success.